BlueWalnut offers advanced e-commerce solutions that put customer-centric decision making first. It improves e-commerce by analyzing customer behavior for effective campaigns and increased conversions. 

For e-commerce managers and marketers, it provides AI-driven recommendations and in-depth website analytics, supporting revenue growth and efficiency.

BlueWalnut’s dashboards provide quick, actionable insights, such as identifying underperforming campaigns and suggesting improvements to increase sales.

Performance metrics:
Assess overall performance against benchmarks.

KPI overview:
Compare current key performance indicators with previous periods and changes from year to year.

Conversion tracking:
Monitor the status of set goals and conversion rates.

Traffic analysis:
Detailed insight into channels and traffic sources, focusing on their impact on revenue and changes over time.

Top channels/campaigns:
Highlight the most effective channels and marketing campaigns and their returns.

Google Ads insights:
View performance metrics and areas for campaign optimization.

Brand & Product Highlights:
Showcase top-performing brands and products.

Content Enhancements:
Identify key areas for content improvements on product and category pages.

How to get started

  1. Easily add a specific bluewalnut email address to your Google Analytics account.
    2. The BlueWalnut tool will collect data, analyze it with AI and generate dashboards.
    3. The initial dashboard will be discussed during an online meeting for training purposes.


Experience significant improvements and save 7-8 hours with our dashboards, offering over 15% targeted enhancements for your goals. Benefit from notable cost savings and tailored improvements. Choose your dashboard frequency for optimal results.

€ 250 per dashboard each time it is run.

One-time start-up cost of € 1000 for setting up the connection and creating the right configuration for making the right analyses.

Specialized dashboards: price on request.